Rezervă acum

Let's think and talk about business, by the becomes pleasure!
A peaceful place, perfect for concentration, both calming and awakening the mind, stress and tension free.

And because we love and can work anywhere, without restrictions, we have thought of that too by creating a charming workspace in our welcoming location.

It is designed to make your business event - seminar, workshop, team building, motivational meeting - both enjoyable and useful.

It is our privilege to contribute to the success of your business, project or happy team.


Birthdays, intimate family or friend reunions, a dream wedding, ... so many festive events for which you are looking for the special place to keep the memory of the happy moments. And when time passes, to return to the memory and for it to come alive again and again, with that sweet taste, bringing both nostalgia and joy from the experience, from the emotions, from the expectation.

And we are excited along with you. That's why we take so much care of them, preparing them with you down to the smallest details. Together we create and create a masterpiece.


It's an understatement to say that we love yoga. It is our way of life. Therefore, we are happy to host anyone who wishes to organize a yoga camp, retreat or other harmonious, balanced practice related to health and beauty at our St. Anastasia Hotel. On the beach, on the green lawn on the rocks or in our special indoor space, all with a view of the endless sea, regardless of the weather and season. It's always wonderful.

Contemplation…. Meditation in motion, in the dance with the sea and the wind...