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General Temrs and Privacy Policy

These General Terms and Conditions (T&C) apply to all reservations for accommodation and/or provision of additional services at Hotel Sveta Anastasia, as well as for all visitors to the hotel's facilities, regardless of whether they have made a reservation for accommodation or provision of a service.




In order for your reservation to be confirmed, you must have an up-to-date phone number, an up-to-date e-mail address and you must prepay 50% of its value within seven days. Cash payments are accepted at the hotel, by bank transfer or via RauRal. It is important to send us the ADDRESS and TIN of the person who will make the payment via Bank or PayPal.




If the cancellation of the reservation is made no later than 14 days before check-in, no penalty is due. If the cancellation of the reservation is made less than 14 days before check-in, a penalty of 50% of the reservation value is charged. Subject to the conditions above, the prepaid amount is returned in the same way it was received - by Bank Transfer or PayPal


IMPORTANT: In case of force majeure (natural disasters, announced epidemics and quarantines), cancellation of the reservation is free at any time until the day of arrival.




Hotel Sveta Anastasia accepts reservations and accommodation only for persons over 14 years of age.


For questions and additional information, call us at +359 885 858 523 or e-mail:






Check-in: after 15:00


Release: until 11:00


If the Hotel has enough available rooms, it may allow check-in and/or check-out at times other than the generally accepted times, for which purpose it is necessary to send a written request to e-mail: and receive a written confirmation of the possible times.


Method of payment


You can pay via


*Pay Pal to hotel account:




*Bank transfer to an account at Allianz Bank Bulgaria YES


IBAN in BGN: BG46BUIN95611000527036




Address of the Bank: 20 "Geo Milev" St., 8000 Burgas Center, Burgas


Company: Vorik Group OOD


Address: Rosenets Forest Park, 1 Gorska St


VAT: BG202315790


EIK: 202315790


MALL: Christian Kirov


If the payment is made from the account of a legal entity, please send us: Company name, Company address, VAT number and MOL.




Visa/Visa Electron, Euro/Mastercard, Maestro


Please note that you must provide a valid credit card upon check-in and an ID that matches the cardholder's name for individuals.







Early departure:


If the Customer leaves the room before the date specified in the reservation, the hotel may request the equivalent of 100% of the total price of the agreed package.


Transfer a reservation:


The user may transfer his reservation to a third party by notifying him in writing. The customer will have to comply with the same general requirements imposed on the original user.


Documents upon check-in:


Guests must show a photo ID.


Key Policy :


During check-in you receive your key. You must keep it and return it when you leave the hotel. Each key costs BGN 50 if missing. To avoid being charged, make sure to return it when you leave the hotel.


Personal data policy:


Please note that Hotel Sveta Anastasia, as a personal data administrator, processes personal data of hotel guests, including through video surveillance, in accordance with the Notice regarding the processing of personal data of hotel guests, which is available on our website.


Smoking policy:


In accordance with Bulgarian legislation, smoking is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN in the closed rooms of Hotel Sveta Anastasia. You may be fined for violation in the amount of BGN 200, for which each guest gives their unconditional consent to be added to the bill of the room, restaurant or demanded by the violator personally. The violator is also personally responsible for the administrative sanctions imposed by the competent authorities in connection with the violation.


To avoid being charged, please smoke in designated areas within the hotel's outdoor areas.








Parking :


The parking lot on the territory of the hotel is unguarded and free for hotel guests. The hotel is not responsible for any damage caused to a car parked in the hotel parking area, but if possible will help to resolve a particular case.


Video surveillance:


Hotel guests grant the right to be video recorded. The hotel carries out video surveillance covering the common areas of the hotel in order to ensure the security of its guests. Recordings are used only and solely for the purpose described and are not transmitted or made available to third parties, unless requested by law enforcement.





Please note that all special requests are subject to availability and additional charges may apply.


The hotel reserves the right to make changes to these general terms and conditions, as well as to make special offers different from those in the current TOC, without being obliged to notify its guests in advance.


Fragility :


In the event of partial or total damage to inventory owned by Hotel Sveta Anastasia, each guest gives his unconditional consent to add the amount for the specific item from the attached price list for fragility to his room bill.


Pets :


Saint Anastasia Hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodation to any guest who has not notified the Hotel at the time of booking that they will be accompanied by a pet.


Among pets we understand only dogs. Accomodation with a pet is possible only in certain rooms and after agreement with the manager of the hotel. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse a reservation if the relevant premises are already booked.


For the stay of a pet, a deposit of BGN 150 is deposited at the reception.


Before departure, the hotel room is checked and, if no irregularities are found as a result of your pet's stay, your deposit is refunded.


The fee for accommodation of a pet is:


BGN 20/day for dogs up to 5 kg. and is paid in advance upon check-in.

BGN 30/day for dogs weighing 5 kg. or more is payable in advance upon check-in.


Additional requirements:


Only pets up to 5 kg are allowed in the lobby and indoor common areas of the hotel. and it must be in your hands only, you are not allowed to walk it;

The pet should not be left unattended;

Pets are not allowed in the restaurant.

Feeding the pet is done only in bowls and mats intended for this purpose - if you do not have them, the hotel can provide them;

Pets are not allowed to walk freely in the yard of the hotel, as well as for walks as needed. In case of violation of this rule, an additional fee of BGN 50 is applied for each individual violation;


The guest must ensure that their pet will not disturb other guests. Guests are responsible for and agree to fully indemnify any property damage and/or bodily injury caused by their pet to the hotel or third parties.


The hotel reserves the right to prematurely terminate the stay of a guest who violates the policy of staying with a pet by charging them for the full stay of their reservation. The hotel is not responsible for the safety and health of pets and advises its guests accompanied by a pet to take into account that the hotel is located in a forest.


General conditions for using the "Bike for rent" service.




The lessor is a provider of the "Bike for rent" service, which is the rental of bicycles to individuals. The bicycles subject to these general conditions are mechanical, hereinafter referred to as "bicycle/s";


The purpose of the general terms and conditions is to provide terms and conditions for the rental of bicycles;


The use of the "Bike for rent" service is carried out when the Tenant declares the desire at the reception of the Saint Anastasia Hotel to rent a bicycle for a certain period of time;


The two parties under the acceptance-handover protocol undertake to comply with all commitments arising from these general terms and conditions and from the "Bike for rent" tariff and services;


The Renter agrees to pay the Lessor an hourly fee when renting the bicycle, which will be charged for each hour started until the bicycle is returned;


The Tenant confirms by signing the handover protocol that he has read the Lessor's price list and agrees with it;




The Lessor rents the bicycle to the Tenant for temporary private use. The renter must not allow another person to ride the bicycle, even if that person is registered as a guest of the hotel;


The renter has the right to use the bicycle only for the purposes for which it is intended, and is obliged to comply with the relevant legislation, especially the traffic rules. The hirer is obliged to comply with all applicable legislation in relation to the transport sector, as well as other related laws;


The renter is obliged to pay all fines imposed by the competent authorities and resulting from violations of the applicable legislation by the renter himself or by other persons whom the renter has allowed to use the bicycle;

The Renter shall use the bicycle exclusively and at his own risk, and upon picking up and returning the bicycle shall be obliged to inspect its technical condition, in particular the brakes, gears and their mechanisms, tires and their pressure, drops, pedals, handlebars. The hirer must report any problem of any nature with the bicycle to the lessor. The Hirer shall not be allowed to use the bicycle if there is an identified problem that may be aggravated by subsequent use or may prevent safe use;

The renter is obliged to use the bicycle in such a way as to prevent its overloading, damage, destruction or theft;

  The Renter is responsible for any material or immaterial damage caused in connection with the use of the bicycle. In the event that Landlord has to pay for damage or intangible damage caused by Tenant to a third party, then Tenant shall pay Landlord's costs. If the damage or intangible damage is caused by a third party whom the Hirer has allowed to use the bicycle, then it should be paid for by the Hirer;

By signing the declaration for renting a bicycle, the Renter certifies that he has not used alcohol, medication or other intoxicating substances, that his health and mental state are normal, that he has been instructed on how to drive the bicycle, that he personally takes over the operation of the bicycle and that the responsibility for the consequences of this is his;

  The Hirer shall immediately notify the Lessor of any accidents, damage or theft to the Bicycle occurring during the Hirer's use of the Bicycle. In such event, Tenant shall cooperate with Landlord and the police to clarify the matter;

  The Hirer shall pay the Lessor for any damage for which the Hirer is responsible;

The renter shall not compromise the technical condition of the bike, add or remove parts from it;

  When using the bicycle in a situation of darkness or reduced visibility, the hirer must keep the bicycle fully illuminated. Lights are not part of the bicycle's equipment and therefore the Hirer must use their own lights;

  It is recommended that the "Bike Hire" service offered by St Anastasia Hotel is used within Rosenetz Park.

The Hirer accepts and understands that the maximum load on the bike is 120 kg.;

  The Hirer is permitted to use their own child seat but only in consultation with the staff responsible for the hire of the bicycle and undertakes to be responsible for its correct fitting and use;

  It is not allowed to rent a bicycle while intoxicated;

  No unaccompanied person under 14 years of age is allowed to rent a mechanical bicycle



  The renter can rent a bicycle after declaring this wish at the reception of the St. Anastasia Hotel, signing a declaration for the service "Bicycle rental" and an acceptance report in which the condition of the bicycle is established;

  The Hirer is aware that the bicycle may be fitted with a GPS location in order to prevent theft and agrees that tracking of its location is possible;

  The Hirer is aware and agrees that if recorded by video systems whilst using the bicycle the recordings may be used in the event of a crime, attempted crime or damage;

The renter must not leave the bicycle unattended while using the service. The Renter is 100% responsible for any stolen, lost or damaged bicycle;

  The Renter is obliged to return the bicycle after its use to the designated place at Hotel St. Anastasia.

  The Renter is obliged to return the bicycle no later than 6 hours from the beginning of its use. If this is not possible the renter must inform the landlord of this;

  Upon return of the bicycle, its condition shall be ascertained and a new acceptance protocol shall be signed;


  The Hirer shall be liable to a fine of up to the full amount of the damage but not less than £50 in the event that:

- permits the bicycle to be used by another person;

- intentionally damages or steals the bicycle;

- if the hirer compromises the technical condition of the bicycle, adds or removes any technical parts;

- if the tenant fails to return the bicycle as instructed by the landlord;

- if, as a result of improper use, the bicycle is damaged;


  The Renter is obliged to ascertain that the bicycle is in good technical and visual condition upon rental;

  The renter is obliged to use the bicycle with good stewardship, and it is recommended to use it on the territory of Rosenets Park;

  The renter is fully responsible for any damage occurring during the use of the service due to improper use. If improper use cannot be established by the Lessor, the services of an expert shall be used, and his conclusion shall be final;

  The Lessor shall provide a bicycle to the Lessee which is fully fit and in good working order. In the event that, after inspection, the bicycle is found to be defective upon acceptance by Tenant, then Landlord shall provide another bicycle to Tenant;


  These General Terms and Conditions shall come into force from the moment of signing the acceptance protocol for the receipt of the bicycle, and shall terminate once the bicycle is returned in the condition in which it was received and the acceptance protocol for its return is signed. If any damage or other irregularities are found, the terms and conditions shall continue until the Hirer pays for the damage;

St. Anastasia Hotel

Vorik Group Ltd.