Rezervă acum


Оur small hotel is a great place for year-round holidays – it is a boutique, elegant and discreet place – twenty minutes away from Bourgas, located in the picturesque Park Rosenets, far off the noise and vanity. Built on a cliff above the sea, in harmony with nature, surrounded by ancient trees, with a blue sea view and with its own solitary beach in the bay of tranquility.

It is a dream place we fell in love with. We felt its energy and we decided to makе it our place, the place for our friends, and for the people who are aesthetes. We built it with all our love and attention to detail, in order to share it with you – our guests, who are in search of calmness and beautiful memories.


The sea is а Muse! The vast blue sea has an indescribable charm and mystery. When you open the doors of the St. Anastasia Hotel you are being mesmerized by the beauty and the magic. The silence wraps around you, the sea breeze caresses you, and the endless blue appeases you. Then you know that you have found it – a hotel on the rocky coast, a true home, suitable for all seasons. It is a place where you take pleasure in life. You would be coming back and because of the people who have been taking care of your comfort – they are open hearted, smiling and happy. They work discreetly and dedicatedly to make your stay relaxing, enjoyable and carefree. Just as a family!


Just indulge yourself. Relax. Contemplate. This is a time for you and only you! Slow down the flow of your thoughts. Forget your everyday concerns and fast paced rhythm of living. Provide a rest for your body and soul. Indulge your senses. This is what you are dreaming and looking for! And this requires time… take more time off… with us, at St. Anastasia.

  • airport 45km
  • sea 200m
  • parking
  • train 25 km
  • air_conditioner
  • wifi
  • reception
  • sea 200m
  • restaurant
  • beach_access